Sunday, March 14, 2010

God is still creating!

Monday of the 4th Week of Lent Year II
15 March 2010

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The prophecy from Isaiah today gives us hope that God who created the world is not done creating. The prophecy says that God is creating a new heavens and a new earth, where the brokenness of this world will not prevail. It is a sign of discouragement when we say 'we're only human' or 'that's just the way things are.' While it is true that we cannot escape the broken and sometimes unfair world that we are in, nor can we refuse to accept our crosses, there is no reason for us to give into discouragement that this world is all there is. The very fact that this world in which we live need not exist, is enough to save us from the illusion that this world is all that exists. It is obvious if this world need not exist that something else could exist, and there is nothing wrong with being open to the prophecy of Isaiah that a new heavens and a new earth are being created. In revelation we are taught that this new creation is above all a re-creation of the world through the redemption of Christ Jesus. It is a purification of this world by the love of God, which enables this temporary universe broken by a lack of love to participate in eternity. As we have turned the corner in our Lenten journey with the celebration of Laetare Sunday, let us look forward now with greater anticipation to a full celebration of Easter. Easter is that celebration that the God who once created is still creating, and that a new and better world is being built upon the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead!

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